Cleopatra Does Hollywood
2001, Vivid Films

Reviewed By: the Sex Index© only
On: 10/25/02
Produced by: Toni Brooks
Directed by: Ralph Parfait
Starring: Cheyenne Silver, April, Bobbie Barrington, Cherie, Marty Romano, Eric Masterson, Cheyne Collins, Pat Myne, Dillion Day
Directing: n/r
Production: n/r
Storyline: n/r
Music: n/r
Editing: n/r
Costumes: n/r
Dialogue: n/r

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Cherie with Pat Myne X       X     X      
April with Cheyenne Silver and Bobbie Barrington X   X             X  
April with Cheyne Collins and Eric Masterson X       X   X X      
Cheyenne Silver with Dillion Day X       X     X      
Cheyenne Silver with Marty Romano X X     X     X      


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