Super Freaks 5
2000, Elegant Angel

Reviewed By: P.T.
On: 06/21/00

Produced by: Dale Jordan
Directed by: Dale Jordan
Starring: Charlie Angel, Tai, Kira, Ryan McCain, Cotton Candy, Mark Anthony, Santino Lee, Wesley Pipes
Directing: 3
Production: 3
Storyline: 2
Music: 3
Editing: 4
Costumes: 2
Dialogue: 1


The Sex Index

Ryan McCain with Mark Anthony and Santino Lee X X   X X            
Charlie Angel with Mark Anthony and Wesley Pipes X   X X            
Kira with Mark Anthony and Santino Lee X   X X            
Tai with Mark Anthony and Wesley Pipes X X X X            
Cotton Candy with Mark Anthony and Santino Lee X X   X            



Mark, Santino and Wesley are interviewing girls for the SuperFreak video series. That's the storyline, and all the scenes play out the same. You get a little solo dance scene from the girl, the guys talk and then the girl shows up and they get naked and nasty.

This is an all black flick and you don't get much variety. In fact, after the first scene with Ryan McCain, you've seen all there is, just insert a different girl for the next scene. There's oral, anal, straight sex and DPs in every scene, in pretty much the same order. The only unique part was Kira doing a pussy DP.

While the sex was Ok and at times inspired, there just wasn't enough imagination used in the film. In fact it got a little boring after the first two scenes. The girls played too much to the camera, acting like nasty black Ho's, and the guys appeared to be working more than having fun. The camera work was decent, with a good mix of angles and shots and technically this is a well done film.

If you're a fan of all black sex-vids, this is worth taking a look at, just fast-forward through the dialogue and don't expect any variations. You'll get black girls of all sizes taking on two guys in every hole, for about two hours.

I'm not a big fan of all black videos, and this one didn't do anything to change my view…sorry.

PT says 3, not bad…but it could have been way better.

2000 Smuttco, Inc.