Tom Byron's Whack Attack 11: Hardcore ASS Whores!
2001, Extreme Associates

Reviewed By: P.T.
On: 05/02/02
Produced by: Tom Byron
Directed by: Tom Byron
Starring: Belladonna, Nikita Denise, Brandy Moore, Kristi Love, Gauge, Justine Romee, Tom Byron, Luciano
Directing: 5
Production: 4
Storyline: 3
Music: 5
Editing: 5
Costumes: 4
Dialogue: 5

The Sex Index

Belladonna with Tom Byron X X     X X          
Kristi Love with Luciano X X     X X          
Nikita Denise with Justine Romee and Tom Byron X X     X X       X  
Brandy Moore with Luciano X X     X X          
Gauge with Tom Byron X X     X X          
Ashlyn Gere with Tom Byron X       X X          


Tom Byron has proven his skill at producing gonzo over and over and over again. You can watch his movies from five years ago and they are just as good as what he does today. Byron has a set formula that works and he doesn't tamper with it. This edition of Whack Attack is no different. The girls do their strip tease montage at the start of each scene, there's a short unrehearsed interview and then the fun begins. The secret, if you want to call it that, is Byron's use of proven performers in his movies. Rarely will you see a newcomer in one of his movies. Maybe that's why you can always count on his flicks to deliver.

In this volume are two of my favorites, Nikita Denise and Gauge. Nikita is the best in the business at deep-throating and that's just a bonus in any of her performances. She has the sexiest voice and nastiest attitude you're going to find. Her performances always border on the explosive and she's willing to do whatever her partner wants. Gauge is so cute, you wouldn't think she could be as wanton as she is. Her good looks are only exceeded by her ability to be as slutty as she can possibly be. Brandy Moore, Justine Romee, Belladonna and Kristi Love round out the cast and all turn in great performances. With Tom in the driver's seat in three scenes, you know he's going to have the girls with their faces in his butt, licking his ass-hole before he goes to work on them and then there's going to be plenty of ass-to-mouth action.

The driving music and great camera work that have become a hallmark of this series is still here, as well as outstanding editing. From start to finish it's a well produced and filmed gonzo flick that will have your undivided attention.

For those that see the Extreme label and pass it by because they expect to see gore, simulated rape, urination, guys in turd costumes, one-time-only off-the-street crack whores, and every deviant act known to man, have no fear. This is a Tom Byron flick and he knows what sells, sex. He doesn't need the gimmicks and twisted psychotic plots to try and make a name for himself. He makes sex films, not shock films. Month after month, year after year, Byron has proven himself as the Icon in front of and behind the camera. He puts out the best gonzo on the planet and that's why the top actresses want to work for him and he doesn't have to use the wannabes that seem to hang out at Extreme like flies around an outhouse.

As far as the DVD goes, the picture tended to pixelate when zooming in or out. The extras are pretty basic, chapter starts, a gallery of twenty pics and trailers for nineteen other Extreme releases. The bonus scene with Ahslyn Gere is advertised as "Not available on any video cassette" and that may be true, but it is the bonus scene on 2 other Extreme DVDs, including Lord of Asses 6. I didn't understand the point of putting a non-anal bonus scene in a film that is anal themed and on top of that, they cut out all the original sound track for this scene and inserted a music track.

PT says 5, Tom Byron rocks!

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