Edge Play
2001, VCA Pictures

Reviewed By: Trapper
On: 05/11/05
Produced by: Jane Hamilton
Directed by: Veronica Hart
Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Keisha, Chloe, Brooke Hunter, Kim Chambers, Tyce Bune, Dale DaBone, Nick Manning, Valentino, Randy Spears, Joel Lawrence, Kyle Stone, Jay Ashley, Don Hollywood, Marty Romano, Jamie Gillis, Kylie Ireland, Eric Masterson, Bruno SX, Michael Thic
Directing: 4
Production: 4
Storyline: 4
Music: 4
Editing: 4
Costumes: 4
Dialogue: 4

The Sex Index

Kim Chambers     X       X       X
Brooke Hunter with Dale DaBone, Eric Masterson and Don Hollywood X X X X X            
Marilyn Chambers with Tyce Bune X       X            
Keisha with Joel Lawrence and Jay Ashley X X   X X           X
Marilyn Chambers with Nick Manning and Dale DaBone X       X            
Marilyn Chambers with Brooke Hunter, Tyce Bune and Jamie Gillis     X     X X        
Chloe with Kylie Ireland and Kim Chambers X           X     X  
Chloe with Marilyn Chambers and Tyce Bune X   X                
Chloe with Kyle Stone, Randy Spears and Michael Thic X       X            
Keisha             X        
Marilyn Chambers with Tyce Bune, Dale DaBone, Valentino, Marty Romano and Bruno SX X X X X X            


Lauren(Marilyn Chambers) is introduced to a secret world by her friend Collette(Keisha) where she can actually live out her most secret sex fantasies. Richard(Tyce Bune) and Sylvia(Brook Hunter) operate this world of sex, mystery, and self-indulgence by initiating these fantasies. Throughout the movie, Lauren watches how this game is played, and really wants to join in it. But, she has reservations about throwing away all of her inhibitions, and finds herself in a constant tug-of-war of whether or not she should take her life to the edge. With the help of some friends, who are incredibly gorgeous, Lauren eventually gives in to her desires.

The story is hot, provocative, and surprisingly interesting. Veronica Hart never really lets the pace of the movie slow down, as we watch Chambers' character slowly garner up the courage to answer that yes, indeed, the babies are sleeping (you'll know what I mean when you see it).

The first scene of a feature usually will tell the whole story about whether or not you'll watch the whole thing, or find yourself fast-forwarding through most of it, including the sex. Kim Chambers drives to a parking garage where Bune, Hunter and Keisha are in a limo. Keisha wants to watch a girl masturbate, and Bune and Hunter have set up the scene to make that happen. Chambers certainly delivers, and then some! When she sticks a dildo on the car door window and rides it, you'll be amazed. Then, you'll want to explode when she sits on the hood of the limo, and squirts all over the windshield. Who needs fluid when you've got Kim? You pretty much get a good sense of what you're in for, for the next 2 hours.

Important note: If you're not into gang bangs where there is only one girl and a bunch of dudes, then this one may not be for you. We're watching women's fantasies being played out, and naturally, they would like to be stuffed by a buffet of cocks. Keisha's couch threesome while being filmed is another scene that calls for an immediate jerk-off moment. So is Chole's gang-bang at a dance club. Is there anything hotter than Chloe constantly cumming?

But it is Marilyn who carries this movie. While she may not be as hard-bodied as she was back in the day, she still looks great. Plus, she is still great when there is a hard cock or cocks in the room. She is never fully nude, probably because she didn't want to show off her midsection. That was a mistake because she looked great, and incredibly sexy. Her performances were top-notch, and she easily illustrated why she is a Hall-of-Famer.

This movie has other classic porn stars, such as the cameo appearances by the indelible Kylie Ireland, and Jamie Gillis playing a doctor "probing" Marilyn's sensitive areas. Bune at least tried his best playing the mysterious guy role, and Keisha was unforgettable playing the daring best friend part. The acting was strong, especially Gillis's comic doctor cameo. The dialogue was a bit stilted at times, but it didn't ruin the story.

Once again, Veronica Hart turns in another solid piece of work. She allows you to enter Marilyn's mind as she struggles to fully commit to acting out her fantasies. The rhythm is smooth, and never slows down (except for one part in the beginning that could've been cut by a minute or two).

Hart does a good job switching back and forth from the brightly lit real world to the dim, underworld where sexual fantasies come true. Stair wells, parking garages, limos, and night clubs all serve as fantasy land for the patrons. Except for Keisha's fantasy, which takes place in her office, and she is being filmed. Very taboo, indeed.

The costumes are apropos for the story. Everybody is supposed to be rich, and they are dressed in business suits. That doesn't mean the women don't look hot. Believe me, you won't be disappointed with any of the outfits. I especially liked Kylie Ireland's outfit during the bar scene. I forgot how beautiful that woman is!

The music was fine for porn, as it did try to accompany the raunchy, no-holes-barred sex going on in each scene.

If you're in the mood for a good feature that doesn't bore you with needless dialogue, but is able to tell a story with steamy sex sandwiched in-between, then I assure you that you will think this is a winner.

Trapper gives this one a 4, almost a 5. The ladies were all excellent, and the action will produce constant hard-ons.

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Kim Chambers