North Pole 9

1999, New Sensations

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On: 10/04/99

Produced by: Peter North
Directed by: Peter North
Starring: Jessica Drake, Cheyne Collins, Envy, Jewel DeNyle, Peter North, Chris Charming, Charmane Star, Richi Rich, Cherri Doll, Elizabeth X, Chennin Blanc, Chris Cannon
Directing: 3
Production: 3
Storyline: 3
Music: 2
Editing: 2
Costumes: 4
Dialogue: 2

The Sex Index

Jessica Drake with Cheyne Collins                  
Jewel DeNyle with Peter North, Envy and Chris Charming          
Charmane Star with Richi Rich                  
Cherri Doll with Peter North                  
Elizabeth X with Chennin Blanc and Chris Cannon                



If it aint broke, don't fix it. Peter North seems to have found the right combination and he's sticking with it. One of the best things about the North Pole series is that you always find a Jewel inside, Jewel DeNyle that is. Jewel dominates any scene she's in and is a demanding sexer. Nothing shy or retiring about this girl, she knows what she wants and she's gonna get it. Boy, does she get it in the second scene of this video, Trading Places, so let's start there. Jewel and Envy decide to swap boyfriends North and Chris Charming. The guys start out with each other's girlfriend then switch. The final part of the scene has Jewel in a cowgirl with North, Chris is in Envy's backdoor, and Envy is shoving a large dildo up Jewel's ass. I heard Jewel tell Joey Silvera that she didn't do anal sex, I guess she changed her mind.

Scene One, Guard Duty, was my favorite. Jessica Drake has such a tight little body, with long legs and I can't help it, I like pussy rings. Jessica and Cheyne Collins work well together. Jessica delivers one of the sexiest blow jobs I've seen and her facial and body reactions were wonderful.

Scene Three, Dining In, features oriental (Japanese?) sex toy Charmane Star(Charmane), and you get all the tasteless sushi references. That aside, her submissive and eager attitude is a nice contrast from the previous scene.

Lady in Red. Cherri Doll has been shopping and wants to show Peter her new red lingerie. Doll has the appearance of a nasty slut who would do anything you told her, a wanton little nymph who just wants a cock. North is more than willing to help her out, but after he's through she has to send her new outfit to the cleaners.

Finally we have The Party Never Ends. Chris Cannon brings Elizabeth X and Chennin home for some more festivities. This scene just seem to go through the motions and required positions and I started thinking about what I wanted for dinner.

I've seen all of the North Pole vids and this one doesn't measure up to the rest. Not bad, just not as good as expected. There were some audio and editing problems that should have been corrected.

PT says 3, a good warm up film for something better.

1999 Smuttco, Inc.

New Sensations

Jewel DeNyle