Diary of a Mad Porn Director
2003, Madness Pictures

Reviewed By: P.T.
On: 10/26/05
Produced by: David Aaron Clark
Directed by: David Aaron Clark
Starring: Nyomi Marcela, Sin Nye Lang, Jade Blue-Eclipse, Lyla Lei, Kimmy Kahn, David Aaron Clark, Brian Surewood
Directing: 5
Production: 4
Storyline: 5
Music: 5
Editing: 5
Costumes: 4
Dialogue: 5

The Sex Index

Nyomi Marcela with David Aaron Clark X       X X          
Sin Nye Lang with Lyla Lei and David Aaron Clark X         X         X
Kimmy Kahn with David Aaron Clark X                   X
Jade Blue-Eclipse with David Aaron Clark X       X     X      
Lyla Lei with Nyomi Marcela with David Aaron Clark and Brian Surewood X       X X X     X  
Sin Nye Lang with David Aaron Clark X       X           X


Scene 2 - other=male bondage
Scene 3 - other=golden showers
Scene 6 - other=bonus scene

If I was cruising the local porn shop, I'd probably pass this one up because it doesn't have the slick cover with a babe and the title doesn't grab your attention. I hate to admit that I'm that shallow and the production companies really know what they're doing when they spend more time and thought on marketing than on the films, but I guess it's true. Fortunately, Madness sent this to me with a batch of screeners and I'm very glad that they did.

Many directors and companies hype their product as the "newest thing in porn" or "different from anything you've ever seen", but when you pop it in the VCR it looks exactly like what everybody else is doing. There are a few exceptions that actually broke new ground and set the lead for everyone else to follow; John Leslie, Tom Byron, Thomas Zupko and David Aaron Clark. DAC, as everyone knows has a penchant for Asian girls, so do a lot of directors. What sets him apart is that he has a remarkable grasp of Asian culture. He also has an incredible amount of talent as a writer, director, cameraman and editor. Where most porn directors are more like choreographers putting the performers through a plodding series of moves (suck 1, 2, 3...fuck 1, 2, 3...facial 1, 2, 3...), not unlike the animal trainer at the circus who teaches the bears to ride a trike, Clark actually makes movies that will have you entranced from start to finish

His mix of camera angles from POV to normal, written diary entries and natural lighting give the viewer a unique porn experience...an enjoyable movie with hot sex. The music is a big plus as are the limited visual effects. The actual dialogue is relaxed and very believable. Flawless editing puts the finishing touch on this adventure.

No frills in this DVD, just the basic chapter starts, four trailers, web site info, a twenty-five picture slide show and a bonus scene. But, hey, I'd rather have a good movie than great extras.

The scenes for this flick were shot in 2002, when Clark was working for Video team. If the whole movie was made then, Video Team blew it by not releasing it and Madness Pictures gets the benefit.

David Aaron Clark has his own unique view of porn and the ability to present it in a professional, well-done production. It's a rare combination. I can't overstate my recommendation for this movie, it is a 'must have' for the true porn aficionado.

PT says 5 and DAC goes straight to our Best Directors list, again.

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